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Manager of quality department

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Education requirements: Junior College

Experience requirement: 5 years or above

Age requirement: 30-44 years old


1. Be responsible for the establishment, maintenance and improvement of the company's quality management system;

2. Organize and promote the implementation, implementation and continuous improvement of the quality management system, including the planning, planning and organization related to the audit or certification of the second and third parties;

3. Organize the analysis and improvement of abnormal problems in product development and production;

4. Be responsible for the formulation, modification and regular review of inspection standards, and check the implementation and effectiveness of standards;

5. Participate in and plan various quality management activities, such as participating in the audit and certification of external partners and quality training of internal personnel.

6. Be responsible for product quality management;

7. Be responsible for the formulation of product reliability testing methods, tool selection, and review of test reports.

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